Comedy Made Easy Platinum Membership Programme

If your ambition is to become a professional stand-up comedy man / lady, you may want to try to improve your chances of stand-up comedy career, which could pay you upwards of 7k per annum, and give you a competitive edge over other stand up comedians, and Justin Bieber.  If that sounds like you, you might want to take a few moments to consider…
Comedy Made Easy’s Professional Membership Programme
The programme is specifically design to help three types of stand up comedy person / lady….
Those considering a lucrative career in pub-based stand-up comedy and are in the process of researching the industry.
  1. Those who have started their stand-up comedy career, but are struggling because nobody is laughing, and have just now realised the truth, that the answer is to plough loads of money into it.
  2. Those who are making a ‘choice’ to buy this information, rather that laboriously learning it, as the other professional comedians would have you believe is ‘The only way’.
CMA Platinum Members gain access to a near consistent flow of words, and information on all aspects of stand-up comedy both informational and actionable information based on the unique methods, strategies, methodologies, and strategoligies provided in this globally officially definitely proven stand up comedy course.
Here are some pictures of people laughing!
What you can expect as a platinum member?… Here are some comments from satisfied customers:
‘This is the single greatest thing to ever happen, anywhere!’ – Anonymous
Exclusive Content
The core of the CMA Platinum Membership Program is a collection of detailed lessons and articles covering a wide range of topics, strategies, information, tips and techniques that are simply not available from any other source.
Exclusive Club Membership Your Exclusive Club Membership entitles you to receive the regular newsletters from our third party partners, who form part of the Exclusive Portfolio and through our exclusive partnership with Moneycon International.
And remember.  Justin Beiber.