Nick Hodder: Insert Comedy Here!

He’s not our first and only customer.  We’ve got lots of customers.  Lots of famous, successful, unnamed people, and like those people Nick Hodder has placed an order with Comedy Made Easy.

We’ve sent him his Comedy Show in a Box via whatever Yodel’s cheapest option is, and we feel 80% sure he’ll receive it time. …and it looks like he’s got so much faith in the product he’s bought, he’s now optimistically promoting his show.  Good on him!  That’s what we say.

“Having tirelessly researched what stand-up comedy is on Google for a couple of hours, I’ve decided that it looks a bit difficult, so I’ve ordered this “Comedy Made Easy” thing off the internet instead.”


Venue: Banshee Labyrinth ​- Cinema Room

Dates: 2-24 August


Duration: 1 hour

Suitability: PG