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If you are reading this now, I’m going to assume that:

  1. You are a entirely new to comedy or are a struggling open mic comic
  2. You have the time and patience to read a single, endlessly scrolling web page for 40 minutes

Cute exotic couple happily enjoying
So, let’s find out what you know about stand-up comedy at this point.  Here are the links to three articles with information no other stand-up comedian will tell you about.  Do you know why?  Because they’re not relevant.

  1. How To Build A Sandcastle
  2. Banana Bread Recipe
  3. Essential Cheese Rolling Guide

(All of this information is FREE!  Immediate access, no sign-up required)!

If you want to be bad at stand-up comedy, there’s no need to review the remaining information on this page.  But if you don’t want to be bad at stand-up comedy (Does that sound like you?), then you’re in the right place!

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You only have to attend ANY stand-up comedy open mic night to see for yourself that ALL comedians are terrible, even the good ones. Anyone can die horribly on  stage.  Sure, you can read some stand-up comedy books, and it’ll probably work!  But you want an easy solution.  Reading isn’t easy.  It’s hard.

Today only!  You’ve been invited to join an Exclusive Club!  As exclusive as Costco, or Makro!  Who could turn down this limited time offer, fully endorsed by all comedians you’ve heard of?  You can’t!  That’s who!

Your first lesson. Be Unique.  The following comedians are unique:

  • Chris Rock
  • Adam Sandler
  • Dennis Miller
  • Ray Romano
  • Eddie Murphy

Try to be like one of them.

Here’s a video:


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Second lesson.  What does a joke look like? Jokes have setups, and punchlines.  We can’t tell you how to write a joke because that’s reserved for the exclusive Comedy Made Easy Platinum Membership Scheme. They sort of look like this:

Blah,blah, blah, blah!  Pause, Blah Blah.

Remember, all of the amazing comedy lessons contained on this page are FREE.  Completely FREE.  Don’t you think maybe you owe us something?  If you had any moral fibre you’d feel some sort of obligation wouldn’t you?

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Third lesson.  You may want to learn something about comedy.  Perhaps buy a book.  If you’re looking for recommendations we’d recommend this place.  It’s got loads of books:

Here’s a picture of some people having a nice time:


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Fifth lesson.  “What if other comedians don’t respect me because I haven’t been through the energy / time sapping process of spending many, many years struggling through the open mic circuit and tragically exiting the early rounds of comedy competitions before finding my comedy voice?”  Well, urmmmmm.  Jack Whitehall.

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